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baby please, take my hand.

26 February 1991
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i've been lovestruck.
I am not a girl, not yet a woman. Too fast to live, but too young to die. I ravish in the happiness that is Dong Bang Shin Ki, and I melt in the face of a man named Kim Junsu, who yearns to be Asia's number one Xiah. I am a beloved sister, daughter, and friend, and I am living in the comforts of a mother, father, and an almost-broken sister. I believe that forgiveness is the strongest power a person can have. I believe that a victim would never say they are the victim, but instead, point out that they are the killer. I believe that a good person is someone who admits that they are a bad person, as a bad person is a person who admit that they are a good person.
i've been starstruck.
There will not be happiness, for me, unless music is in the air. I take pleasure in reading stories of men I will never reach and things that will never belong to me, and in dancing in the rain. I despise stereotypes, racism, and prejudice. I believe that the true nature of man is to be pure, and good, only to be tainted by the world's wrongdoings. Everyone is born an angel, but slowly fall into the depths of sins. I believe in karma and yin and yang, that you won't know good if you've never experienced evil, and you won't know kindness unless you've experienced unkindness. It is not the forte of me to sugarcoat things, neither to be truthful, or to be friendly. I dwell in the world of yaoi, and dance in the flames of passion and love. I enjoy biting sarcasm and dark humor, and find joy in reading stories of a love never to be returned or of a love to die in the depths of hell. I would never have believed in forever, if not for the five young men who have saved my life. I believe in the power of love, the power of five, and the power of fate. Chocolates, strawberries, and sushi are things I can never deny. I adore pandas, sexiness, dogs, and good writing. So come and have a look, and see for yourself what else I can be prone to liking. Love? <3
i've been struck by you.
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