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01 August 2010 @ 11:57 am
Random question for the mind...If the world was ending, and there was a ship that could take you to a safe planet, but you could only take 15 people. So who would you pick to get on that boat with you? This was a question asked by my friend on AIM, when we were playing the truth game.

My answer...no one. I know I sound like a sadist, letting the whole world die like that...but I just think it would be too lonely without all the people in the world. Sure, there are days when we encounter bad people, people who hate us, people who get on our nerves, people who we hate, people who we feel should just fuck off and die, but even with all those imperfections, the world is perfect. The world is perfect because it is imperfect.

And plus, that also goes without saying that we, as a human race, have polluted and destroyed this mother earth so much already, why do we need to continue on our destruction paths to the another planet? I don't think it would be fair to give the other planet the same fate. And plus...since one of my friends stated that we could reproduce if there was 15 of us, so we could keep the human race going, but like I said, what good would that be?

There's really no point in living if the world we've always known is going to be destroyed. Besides, we as humans are bound to the destiny of the Earth, we've destroyed it enough, so we might as well have caused the destruction with our own hands.
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