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11 January 2010 @ 04:51 am
Avatar Movie; was totally worth the three hours.  
asdfjkl;asdfjkl;asdfjkl; *incoherent*

OMG. i just went to watch avatar today! *O* amazing movie, if i don't say so myself. the effects was stunning, and the plot was very well-paced. the action, the war, the fighting, it was all captured splendidly. i must say, one of the best movies i have watched in quite a while. the fact of it being in 3D makes the visual all the more appealing to the naked eye. :] the science in it was pretty cool too, pretty easy to understand and not confusing as i first thought it would have been. veeeery good movie. everyone should definitely go watch it! i know i'm going to go watch it a second time. :3 <3 the only complaint i have about it was how long it was (3 hours in total), and that wasn't even a big problem, since i think that every scene that was in that movie really should be in the movie. tonight has been amazing. btw it was the second movie i actually finished at 12 am at the amc. XD the first was harry potter 6. XD i will definitely be back to write more about this movie. :]
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